Jan 13, 2014

She Does What for a Living?

Between the economic climate of today's world and the ability for women to work in occupations almost unheard of years ago, the sky is the limit for women and their careers. With two-income families becoming the norm, more moms than ever are venturing into all kinds of work. While most people envision females as nurses, teachers and secretaries there are just as many who work in unconventional careers that were in the past ruled by men. One of the more interesting careers women are choosing for themselves today is that of pest control technician.

Becoming an Exterminator

The road to pest control for many starts with answering an ad, being raised in the business or knowing someone who works in the field. While it may seem like a very unusual career for most women, it's actually suited quite well to many women's personalities. Because most women, especially moms, are excellent problem-solvers they are well-equipped with the patience and know-how to handle any unusual situation that comes their way. After all, isn't that a typical day in the life of a mother?

A Day on the Job

The first thing any person, man or woman, working in this field realizes is there is no such thing as a typical day. Each challenge is different, whether it's ridding a home of cockroaches or an office of mice. What makes the job interesting are the unexpected surprises that come along, like finding snakes living under a house that you need to crawl under or other uninvited guests with wings or lots of legs. What usually grabs most people's attention is seeing a woman behind the wheel of a pest control truck that's driving up to their house. While this may leave some people unsettled, all it takes is talking with the consultant to know she can do the job every bit as well as her male counterpart.

The Changing Roles

These jobs, perhaps more so than many others, display the changing face of today's workplace and how women fit into these and other careers. As more women move into jobs previously held by men, they will be able to advance to management positions and perhaps even ownership roles within these companies. As the gender roles change on the job, they also begin to change at home. Working moms everywhere are watching as their husbands and children take on more responsibility with keeping their home running smoothly, helping with shopping, cleaning, child care and more. More importantly, watching women expand into new employment territories serves as a great teaching tool with their kids. Children who grow up seeing their mothers succeed in challenging careers realize anything is possible, that with hard work and determination success can be theirs. While teaching about changing gender roles, it also allows kids to realize the fine line between masculinity and femininity. Boys grow up to realize a woman can do a man's job while still maintaining a strong sense of femininity, while girls realize they can still be pretty even after spending their day spraying pesticides.

As society continues to evolve and women take on more challenging jobs everyday, working moms know there is no task they are not able to overcome. Whether as an exterminator or something else, it's possible to balance their personal and professional lives.

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