Feb 19, 2016

Best Past Production Toyota Vehicles We Want Back in the Market

There are plenty of excellent cars in the market today, like the Toyota Vios in the Philippines. This amazing vehicle has been on top of the list of bestselling automobiles in the country since its launch. Everything about this sedan, from its interior, exterior, and its engine, is truly superb. Even its muffler – proudly made in the Philippines as well – is of superior quality.
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Aside from the Vios, Toyota has also produced several vehicles car enthusiasts all over the world fell in love with. Unfortunately, productions for some of these cars were later on discontinued by the Japanese car manufacturer. Despite this, there’s no doubt these vehicles will surely be missed by car fanatics everywhere. Here are 4 of the best Toyota vehicles, which productions were later on halted.

Rav4 EV

Years ago, Toyota partnered with Tesla Motors to create the Rav4 EV. The former supplied the vehicle and the latter took care of the powertrain. This joint project proved fruitful, giving way to the birth of one of the best sports utility vehicles in the history. The Rave4 EV has a range of 103 miles and is as versatile as the next SUV. Despite the vehicle’s excellence and to the dismay of Toyota fans, production of the Rav4 EV was later on stopped.


From 1957 to 2000, the Toyota Corona proved itself to be one of the best vehicles to be ever produced by the company. When production ceased, it was replaced by not just one, but three models namely the Toyota Premio for Japan, Toyota Avensis for Europe and Toyota Camry for the rest. From its first generation sedan and van to the eleventh and last generation mid-size car, the Toyota Corona is badly missed by all. After all, very few models get the honor of being in production for more than 40 years.


The Toyota Solara is also reminiscent of another vehicle — the Toyota Camry. Despite this, the Solara actually ended up appealing sportier drivers more than the Camry itself. This mid-size coupe and convertible first arrived in the scene in 1998. Back then, its production was based in Ontario, Canada, but was soon moved to Georgetown, Kentucky. Two generations of the Toyota Solara were produced before it was discontinued in 2008.

Matrix AWD

Car fanatics everywhere were saddened by the halt in production of the Toyota Matrix AWD. Why? Well, no other subcompact with front-wheel drive in the market has ever matched this Toyota vehicle. The Toyota Matrix AWD is an advantageous car, especially for people living in countries with snow. It’s because there aren’t a lot of subcompacts in the market that can charge through snow without worry like the AWD can. Truly, the Matrix AWD is one of the best cars manufactured by Toyota ever.

Toyota has always produced brilliant cars which are pleasing to the eyes and excellent on the road. Although the productions of some of their vehicles were later on discontinued, there are still plenty of Toyota cars out there that continue to meet the needs of consumers and more. If anything, this car company’s history only proves that you can count on them to produce excellent vehicles you can’t wait to drive.

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