Feb 4, 2016

Top 5 Most Beautiful Red Headed Celebrities

If you are longing for some changes in your life, maybe dying your hair is not such a bad idea. But it is very difficult to find the right color tint in such a variety of hair dyes. Before buying a hair dye, you have to keep in mind your skin tone, your hair structure, your personality, lifestyle and about a million other factors. Of course you can go for something easier, like becoming a blonde or black headed girl, but only brave ones can stick to red color. It is a color of flame, youth and reckless souls, who want to stand out of the crowd anytime and everywhere.

Here are five charming women, who can give you an inspiration to become a red one. Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Bryce Dallas Howard and Florence Welch these are famous Hollywood stars, who are proud to be red headed.

# 1Emma Stone
Recent years Emma Stone was torn between being blonde and redhead, and as we can see, her fire side won.  And it should be said that this color reflects her inner world much better. Such a young and eccentric woman just born to be red.

# 2Jessica Chastain
Jessica likes to make a deep side part, in combination with strawberry hue makes her look like an old Hollywood fashion star. Her looks are always full of glamour and chic.

# 3Julianne Moore
Her deep green eyes and funny freckles play a perfect combination with auburn red strands. It is harder to find something more fitting to such hair type.

# 4Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce has rich red hair color and it highlights her light skin tone even more. Good decision for those, who don’t like staying under the sun.
# 5Florence Welch
An amazing singer with powerful voice besides red hair has thick bangs and such a trick makes the best out of her look.

We hope our article was convincing enough to inspire you to change your hair color.
Don’t lose any minute, make your dreams come true.

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