Feb 11, 2016

What You Should Never Do With Your Sunglasses

Description: Feel like you maintain your sunglasses improperly but want to save their life? Learn thing you should never do with your eyewear!

1. Wear on your head
Many people wear sunglasses as a hair accessory thus making them lose shape and ruining frame. Sunglasses are meant for eyes!

2. Clean with tissues
Although tissues seem to be very soft and gentle on your skin, they have a completely different effect on your lenses. Use special cleaning cloth!

3. Rub with fingers
What you should never do with you sunglasses is trying to remove dirt from lens with your finger. Stains should be removed properly and damage-free.

4. Use only one hand
We all do that, unfortunately, especially when our hands are busy and we can’t use both. But this way damages frame and causes signs of wear.
5. Store without case
Improper storage is a deadly sin of the owners of sunglasses. Place them in a protective case, unless you like scratches or other damage.
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Unknown February 20, 2016  

amazing style of sunglasses... And the tips really informative. I love to wear sunglasses when i having designer kurtis.

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