Feb 24, 2016

Mikimoto Pearl – A True Pearl for the Royalty

Pearls are the true jewelry piece for the royalty. Natural pearls are highly valued and are expensive as compared with other jewelry pieces available in the market. Harvesting the pearl can be quite challenging and in fact, a dangerous task to undertake. The complicated process of harvesting pearls has enticed Kokichi Mikimoto to cultivate pearls in the Edo period. He named it mikimoto pearls and is well-accepted by people in the fashion industry. His pearl is one of the most sought after pearls of all time.
One of the popular jewelry pieces of Mikimoto is the pearl necklace. If you wish to have one, and then make sure you check the length of the necklace and see to it that it matches the shape of the neck. The Princess and the Matinee models are the highly preferred ones.

Distinguishing genuine Mikimoto jewelry

There are many types of pearl jewelry, but you can easily distinguish Mikimoto from the rest because of the presence of an embossed “M”. Watch out for the ‘M’ sign as it is an indicator that the pearl jewelry is produced with adherence to the highest standards in Izu, Japan. However, imitations are all around and not all Mikimoto products are produced in Japan.

Aside from the embossed “M”, you should also meticulously check the surface to see if there are any blemishes or cracks. It can barely notice using the human eye alone. So, you would need a magnifying glass or a special device or tool for this one. The ranking system is also another thing to watch out for. The highest ranking is A-A-A whereas the lowest ranking is A-A-A-2. Luster is one of the bases for the ranking. The highest ranking should be reflective, almost the same as a miniature mirror.  It is the characteristic that makes the pearl perfectly beautiful and irresistible to the human eyes.
Genuine pearls are quite expensive. So, you have to decide on your budget beforehand. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying the most affordable pearl. If you are more particular of the value than the price, then you shouldn’t be lured by cheaply priced pearl jewelry. Sometimes the most expensive one offers the best value for your money.

At the end of the day, it is all about choosing your pearl wisely and make sure that it meets your allotted budget.

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