Feb 8, 2016

Introducing Technology into Your Family Finances

When they are not horribly misused, smart devices and PCs can truly live up to their potential and make our lives much easier. They can help us to fulfill our job-related obligations, they can provide our kids all the distraction they need, and some of the smartphones are even quit capable shooters. But did you know that technology has found its way to help you in solving one of the most difficult tasks in existence, and that would be dealing with your family finances? Let us see how this Herculean task can be pulled off.

Renters’ Corner
We will start with the ones who have the most trouble handling their finances. Here are few services that can make renters’ lives if just a little bit easier.

-          Rental Rewards - All you renters out there rejoice, this service will allows for online rent payments, and earn some very interesting benefits (credit card reward points) in the process. You can also set up “Set & Forget” automatic payments, and “Rent reminders” which will prompt the entire process. All you will have to do is to click “Yes”.

Tracking the Family Finances
If you plan to tame your family finances, you should first make sure that you have good insight into everything that is happening there. Try using some of these apps to solve this problem.
-          Wallet – A great platform that helps you to make sense out of your financial status, set your monthly incomes, record expenses, and construct a budget. You can also sync these settings across several devices, so the rest of your family can get an insight into the shared finances too.
-          Wally – In its essence, this offering is very similar to the previous one, but it also introduces some neat features like setting your saving goals, and social settings that can allow you to track where did you spend your money and with whom.

The Little Things
Finally, let us round up this list with two apps that will help you to deal with some mundane financial tasks much easier than you would without the humble help from the IT industry.
-          OurGroceries – This super helpful app will let you share your grocery list with your spouse, sort it by the item type, and sync the changes across devices in real time. Very useful when you are shopping in different places, and need to stay on track with your remaining funds.
-          Acorns – If you do not have enough time to play with investments, Acorns will round up your expenses to next dollar and automatically invest that spare change into some diversified portfolio. Acorns will charge you this service $1 a month, but you have to admit it, investing has never been easier.

These were some of the most useful apps than can help you finally understand, and learn to handle family finances. Try using some of them. You have nothing to lose and quite a few interesting perks to get.

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