Feb 6, 2016

Learning more about being a web designer

There is more to web design than what meets the eye. The physical representation of your skills, how well you can actually design, is really important, but there are other, somewhat more abstract qualities a web designer should have. Different methods of work, different skill sets, different outlooks on the entire business, all of these things matter. But what are they exactly?
1. Web design is in a big way about communication. Great communication that is. Being a great communicator brings benefits in almost anything, and web design isn’t any different. If you are working out a plan or presenting yourself to a potential client or employer, you need to communicate what you’re all about well. People like someone who makes them feel comfortable and to whom they can talk to.

2. It’s also about selling yourself. That sounds a bit cold, but it actually is about that. Web design is a business, and you need to be able to sell what you offer. There are tons of competitors, and you need to stand out in the crowd so people can spot you and hire you. Be a great salesman and sell what you have to offer, it will make you very successful in the long run.

3. There’s two approaches to creative work, and those two approaches apply to web design as well. There are those who sit and wait for inspiration to hit them, and there are those who go out and get it. Just putting a little bit of planning into your design efforts will start your gears and you’ll be running at speed in no time.

4. Feedback is important. If you don’t get an objective view of your work from time to time, you won’t really know what you’re offering. Of course, you can evaluate your work yourself, but people can’t really stay too objective about their own work. So, get some outside information in your design. It will help you greatly in the long run.

5. Don’t fall back in the world of technology. Today, in the modern world, technology is advancing very rapidly, and if you don’t learn something new from time to time, you’ll fall back, and you don’t want that. Always be learning. It will bring you that much closer to success.

6. Experience matters, a lot. It brings a ton of things that will be greatly beneficial for you. Primarily and obviously, it brings knowledge, which is one of the, if not the, most important thing you can have. It also brings you a great portfolio, which will make potential clients and employers hire you more. What more do you want? The catch is, there are no shortcuts. Experience is only gained through hard work and through a long time, so that’s what you need to be doing.

There are no shortcuts. You need to be putting time and effort into it if you want to be successful. But, in the end, it will be very much worth it.

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