Feb 25, 2016

Top Tips from Celebrity Hair Stylists

Hair has the ability to transform a face, and celebrity hair stylists know this as fact. They are the masterminds behind the sometimes chameleon, other times bombshell, looks of our favorite men and women celebrities. They are also called on set for movies, TV shows and magazine shoots. Their styles emit an image for the rest of the world to pick up, and these stylists do it well.
For these reasons, celebrity hairstylists get paid well. A simple cut can range anywhere from $100 to $500, and the buck doesn't stop there. Blow-dry, professional straightening (or curling), highlights and color all add up when you visit a high-end salon and are treated by the best of the best.

They know their jobs, and they do it well. Hence, these are the top people to go to for hairstyling pointers. Read on for a few tips that will take your tresses from drab to fab!

1. Hot hair curlers are great choices to build volume and shape.

Have you ever noticed how most hair stylists seem glued to their heated appliances? They insist on blow drying over and again until you wonder how much drier your hair can get! No, they don't have a super retinal eye vision for moisture. They are blow-drying your hair to give it shape.

Twisting your hair in hot rollers, and letting them cool that way, will give it body and a voluminous look, with little fuss. Heat makes the look and cooling fixes it. Then primp and tweak with your fingers or comb to get the desired finishing touches.

2. Hair products are designed to work; we are the culprits behind why they seem to fail.

Remember the saying "a little goes a long way"? That is certainly the case with gel, pomade and hairspray. These products were made for a reason and they work. When we go overboard or misuse them, however, they can weigh hair down, lead to dandruff and make it look dirty.

3. The most expensive products are not always the best.

We like to think that we get what we pay for, but that isn't always the case. Many times, cheaper brands are just as good as their expensive cousins. Try as many as you like, within your budget, and decide for yourself which are the product that works the best for you.

4. Trim your tresses.

A trim is important in keeping a style the way you like it. It is also crucial for growing out long, healthy hair. How often you get your hair trimmed will depend on the length of your hair. Shorter styles may need to meet the shears every 4 weeks while longer hair can wait up to 2 months.

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