Feb 23, 2016

The evolution of mehendi designs

Whether it’s your engagement or your best friend’s wedding, you cannot dazzle without your hands decorated with mehendi. Mehendi is an integral part of Indian tradition and considered auspicious.

In the days of yore, women gathered to create beautiful patterns on one another’s hands with mehendi. At that time, dying the skin was an entirely natural affair. Fresh ground mehendi leaves or its dried and crushed form soaked in water were mostly used to create intricate designs on hands and feet. Today, the entire market space is flooded with brands that deal in ready made mehendi. These products are great to use because of their affordability, availability and ease of use.

Another benefit is that they impart deeper stains because of the presence of certain staining chemicals. The only downside, however, is that these chemicals may sometimes be allergic to certain individuals. Applying mehendi has always been a thing of patience.

The time required to create mehndi designs is long and serves the purpose of a bonding time for the ones involved. As a matter of fact, mehendi has never been out of fashion and its significance is still the same. What has basically changed is the level of experimentation it undergoes. Today, a lot of experimentation is done not only in terms of designs and motifs of mehendi but also regarding how the colour can be made to stay for long.  

Experimentation has made a lot of innovative designs available for mehendi lovers. Simple mehndi designs are suitable for small functions and are opted for by kids as well. Intricate patterns in latest mehndi designs are meant for special occasions like wedding ceremonies.

Mehendi patterns have seen a sea change over time. Women no more rely on traditional patterns such as shehnai, drums, paisley, mesh, peacock, flowers, processions, palanquins and bride grooms. Modern day mehendi designs are much more sophisticated and intricate. Nowadays, even gothic patterns are opted for with great enthusiasm. Swastika and tribal patterns are also quite a rage these days.

There are so many latest mehandi designs available that choosing a particular one become a real daunting task. Every design looks amazing and worth going for.  In such a scenario it becomes extremely necessary that you know what is in and what is out.

The mehandi designs that are in use these days ooze out creativity. They are no more dominated by flowery vines, circular patterns, shaded designs, etc. They are either out-and-out contemporary or fusion in nature. Fusion designs include both contemporary and traditional patterns, and impart a trendy look.

What is more interesting is that mehendi work is no more plain, bland or boring; it includes additional details and incorporations like glitters, sequins, etc. Even nails are painted keeping in mind the design of the mehendi applied.

So, if you are a mehendi fan then you certainly have thousands of reasons to go for it. Also, your hands and feet look stunning as well as nourished. Don’t make any delay; get mehendi applied without apprehensions, if there is some important occasion round the corner.

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