Feb 26, 2016

How to Make Household Chores Entertaining

In most households, chores tend to add up and become really exhausting. Especially if there are less sets of hands that can help accomplish all tasks, household chores can be quite stressful and repetition becomes boring. This is why most kids don’t prefer contributing their share of the work and parents would need to hire a helper for service. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. A good solution is to make household chores entertaining.
1.   Gamify It

Hold a contest and invite all household members to join. Whoever will have the most number of hours spent in household chores, or whoever will have the highest efficiency (more windows cleaned in less time) shall win the game and have a prize.

Scores and ratings can be refreshed weekly, and there can also be prizes for monthly, quarterly, and yearly winners. This is to provide encouragement to everyone to keep up with the game regardless of the season or day in the year. You may even use mobile apps to track everyone’s progress and mini projects. Monitoring a leader board is a fun way to get everybody competitive and stay ahead of their own for household tasks.

2.   Set Up a Buddy System

The first thing to do is to ask household members of their favorite chore or the one that they find most comfortable and convenient doing. The second step is to assign each one to a buddy who can help fulfill the task designated.

Assigning house chores to buddies can also be a way to make household chores entertaining. When the father is assigned to organize the garage, the son can be tasked to clean the car weekly. The buddy system can also be a nice way for families to spend quality time together while reaping the benefit of making the house more presentable, breathable, and livable.

Mother and daughters can stay in the kitchen to wash the dishes, test out new recipes with affordable home appliances in the Philippines while having some fun watching favorite TV series on LED screen in the Philippines.

3.   Turn Chores into a Workout

Health and fitness is of primary concern nowadays when more and more households realize the importance of staying fit and active. One way to do this without having to go to the gym or hiring a personal trainer for workout sessions is to complete household chores and think of them as workouts.

Turn on the music while sweeping and mopping the floor, vacuuming the carpet, and just dance along with the rhythm. This will keep you in great shape!


Making mundane household tasks into something more enjoyable can be pretty daunting. To get things started and make your family aware of their responsibilities, establishing a good reward system and projecting a light and easy work for each member will help. It will also be great if you can pick out effective tools and cleaning agents from the hardware store or supermarket so tasks will be done easier.

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