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Nov 15, 2011

A Street Vendor

Street vendors, street musicians, street kids, and beggars are common things that can be seen around the main streets in my city. I respect more street vendors. They don’t ask for your mercy and they dress more properly. It’s a pity that most young street musicians (in my city) have appearances that can make some people like me afraid (lots of piercing, tattoos, weird hairdo and outfit).
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chubskulit November 15, 2011  

We have a lot of street vendors like him in the Philippines. I always love visiting your blogs Lina, reminds me of home.

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kalaiselvisblog November 15, 2011  

they r working really hard... proud of them...
nice one sis...

ladyfi November 15, 2011  

Being a street vendor must be a tough way to earn a living.

Jama November 15, 2011  

It's sad to see young kids becoming street vendors when they should be in school!

Short Poems November 15, 2011  

They are trying really hard.
You have nice page it!

cerita rakyat November 15, 2011  

sometimes they like to make annoyed.
but that's their job.
should be respected ..

Zikir dan Kontemplasi November 15, 2011  

I respect more street vendors. They did not ask for mercy
street musicians who have the appearance (a lot of piercings, tattoos, weird hair and clothes) does make a lot of people to be afraid

Ebie November 18, 2011  

Not only street vendors ply in the middle of traffic, we also see them cleaning the windshield. At least its an honest living.

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