Apr 14, 2010

Are You Already Included Self-Loving People?

This short post is still with the same topic, about loving yourself. As mentioned before, self-love occurs when you decide who you are and what you want is important. It is an inner state of being which develops as you decide it is all right to build a kind and meaningful partnership with your self. Self-love involves deciding to connect with your dreams and then supporting yourself with encouraging thoughts and empowering self-supportive actions.

To answer the question at the title, below I mention some characteristics of self- loving people (written by Annette Colby, RD). Here they are:
  • Self-loving people focus on feeling good.
  • Self-loving people allow themselves to be happy and to share this with others.
  • Self-loving people tend to treat themselves well.
  • They see enjoyment of life as a primary goal most of the time.
  • They do not remain in mistreatment by others.
  • They are caring towards others.
  • They find a thought that feels good, and practice it.
  • They let themselves succeed.
I guess I’ve already included self-loving people, though I don’t have all the characteristics. I love me…

Source: selfgrowth.com
Picture source : myspace.com

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eNeS April 15, 2010  

Amankan dulu nih, hehehe...

eNeS April 15, 2010  
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eNeS April 15, 2010  

Ada gak ya karakter itu dlm diriku.
Tapi untuk nomor 1, 2 dan 3 nih masuk kategori khusnudzon, bukan begitu mbak?

Tika Sumadiyono April 16, 2010  

I'm so glad with the sentence number two "Self-loving people allow Themselves to be happy and to share this with others." I've done it, since I am committed to the couple.

then to the third sentence I am also very fond of "Self-loving people tend to treat Themselves well."

the both things, we've do. Just to give each other happiness on our partner.

good article thanks

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