Apr 26, 2010

Don’t Need to Lie

Here are three steps you should take:

Tell the truth compulsively
Try to tell the truth about everything: what you’ve done or plan to do, how you feel and what you think. The way to keep honesty is to be descriptive and precise.

Tell the truth immediately
The best time to express a deny, anger, fear or disappointment is when you are experiencing it. The hardest thing about these feelings is getting over them, and the only way to get over them is to tell the truth about them.

Tell the truth repeatedly.
In every important relationship in your life, practice regularly the following evaluation exercise.

Each one of you evaluates the rest along three simple criteria: “This is what I want you to stop doing; this is what I want you to start doing; this is what I want you to continue doing.”

Than as a group (or as a couple) meet to share the evaluation. Be aware, this process can become additive and very satisfying.

Imagine being real and genuine with each other. Imagine what the world would be like if you could actually believe and what people tell you. It might get a bit rocky at times, but it would fundamentally change the world.

So maybe honesty is a radical idea in this day, but lets do our part in “telling the truth” so honesty becomes commonplace.
Rewrite source:Nisandeh Neta-inspiration2go.com

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