Apr 30, 2010

Sky Watch: Another Rural View

-click on the photo to enlarge-
The view is located at Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia. There are wide rice fields, green hills, blue sky, but there are also several telecommunication towers…

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14 komentar:

Cheqna April 30, 2010  

good pix :-)

Christina, Sweden April 30, 2010  

Great wiew with depth in it.

Carol April 30, 2010  

Beautiful landscape...love the mountains

Jossie April 30, 2010  

It is a beautiful scenery. A pity we can't live without those towers anymore.

penny April 30, 2010  

Beautiful view of the mountains and heavenly blue skies, Lina.

eNeS April 30, 2010  

Subhanallah.... Indah bener...
Sayang jauh di Bumiayu. Coba kalo di Sukabumi ya?

Carver April 30, 2010  

What a beautiful scene. The sky and tableau below are great.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy April 30, 2010  

Lina: Neat photo of the sky and land.

Christine May 01, 2010  

Very pretty, Lina. Nice color contrast.

Lew May 01, 2010  

Love the clouds over the blue mountains!

eden May 01, 2010  

Fantastic shot, Lina!

Have a wonderful weekend.

About my Skywatch post. I think that was before 6:30 am.

Animor May 01, 2010  

Nice scenery of the mountain and the plantation, lovely sky. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous November 07, 2010  

Thanks for clearing it out

Anonymous November 18, 2010  

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