Apr 21, 2010

Being Healthy with Infrared Sauna

You might have been familiar with conventional or steam sauna; but have you already heard about infrared sauna? In infrared sauna, the heat is generated by Carbon Fiber heaters. Different with conventional sauna, infrared or radiant heat is simply absorbed by person tissue (as much as 93%) without overheating the surroundings.

It feels like having sun bathing –so warm- only without the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Infrared saunas increase the body’s internal temperature while maintaining the outside temperature at acceptable levels. This infrared sauna not only infiltrates deeper for more sweat production, but it is also safe and doesn’t produce unpleasant effects.

The world that we live in right now is highly polluted. It’s the fact that a mixture of pollutants can be externally absorbed by the body; and it really can cause health problems. According to experts, the most impressive method of body detoxifying is using
sauna. Sweating is a natural way of the body to reduce toxins through the skin!

Besides facilitating the washing out of toxins, this heat therapy gives a comforting effect on the sovereign nervous system and makes the muscles feel relaxed. It reduces blood pressure and is useful to the digestive system. When the core body temperature is risen by using a sauna, the immune system is also increased. Infrared sauna has also other benefits for your health; such as for weight loss, pain and arthritis relief, skin purification, cardiovascular system and circulation improving.

When a steam sauna can double your electricity bill, with lower heating time, infrared saunas are much cheaper. Have you already been interested to have your own infrared sauna? At Crystal Sauna, you can get your best in-class and fully unique featured infrared saunas. They offer more than 30 different models to meet your needs. Visit Crystal Sauna site or just call 1-877-811-1001 for getting more detailed information. 

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