Apr 22, 2010

A Mother of 25 Children

When I knew this news on television for the first time, my first impression was stunned. 25 children? And they all were coming from one woman? Wow…

Let me introduce you to Eros, a modest middle aged woman that comes from Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia. Getting married with Asep when she was 16 years old, she was laboring babies until 25 times. I can’t guess precisely why it can happen. In Indonesia, it’s not hard to follow family planning program; because it’s free to get contraception stuffs at Health Center Community. Perhaps it’s just their lack of knowledge? I don’t know…

The youngest child is 11years old; she’s laboring him when she was 45 years old. For Eros and Asep, raising 18 (seven of them were passed away) children is very hard job. I saw her husband was crying when interviewed by a reporter. “I have too many children; it’s hard for us to feeding them…”

No wonder, Eros is a wandering food seller and Asep is a becak driver. Their income isn’t adequate at all! In lack condition, they can survive until now. Though I don’t agree with their decision to have too many children, I admire their struggle for surviving. They intend to raise their all children by themselves.

Since their story has been exposed by media, I hope it will be followed with their better condition. Who knows?

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imelda April 22, 2010  

i come from a family of 10 children, too. It was hard for us children vbecause we were deprived of many luxuries and necessities in life but, somehow we coped and managed to be where we are now.

Satriyo Katrox April 22, 2010  

wah aku ketinggalan berita kaya nya...anak 25???anak kandung semua bukan yah???keep sharing...jangan lupa komen back yah....
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Mommy Liz April 23, 2010  

Sometimes I don't know if I will feel sorry for those who are miserable because they have so many kids. I feel sorry for the children who suffer. I have some relatives in the Philippines who have 8 kids and they come to us and wanted to borrow money because they didn't have food. If you know that you cannot support your family financially, stick with 2 or 3. Why 25? Oh well....

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