Apr 21, 2010

How to Calm Your Worry (2)

As I mentioned before, this post is the continuance of the previous one. Happy reading…

4. Worry: The Threat of Crimes and Natural Disasters
The reality: We live in an uncertain world and are exposed to violent images on TV and the Internet. It’s enough to make the calmest person paranoid, or at least a bit edgy.

You’re most vulnerable if: You’ve ever been in a situation that threatened your safety.

What to do: Take a few moments to consider the probability (not the possibility) that something you’re worried about will happen. If you can differentiate between facts and fears, you can deal with reality. As a way of coping, learn how to be better prepared for a disaster.

Write a list of things that would make your home safer and more secure, and come up with a disaster-readiness plan. Check these tasks off the list as you complete them. Then you can say, “OK, I’ve done everything I can. Now I need to go on with my life”.

It has gone too far when: Your worry leads you to make unnecessary and unreasonable adjustments to your life―for example, refusing to fly or take public transportation. Talking to a therapist could bring things back into perspective.

5. Worry: Your Health
The reality: Everyone worries about illness now and then, and as you move into middle age, you’re more likely to have unfamiliar aches and pains.

You’re most vulnerable if: You’ve observed important people in your life becoming ill or overreacting to illness. If you have had a troubled health history, you may be more likely to over think your health.

What to do: Get a thorough checkup to determine if you’re in good health, and bring any legitimate symptoms to your doctor’s attention. Then focus on the positive things you can do for yourself, like improving your diet and other habits.

It has gone too far when: Your doctor repeatedly assures you that you don’t have the illness you fear and you continue to worry anyway, or you suffer from disease-of-the-month syndrome. If reasonable measures don’t help and your health worries are taking over your life, seek professional advice.

6. Worry: Money
The reality: Even people who earn more than enough to cover their expenses can be hit with unexpected bills, due to anything from a lost job to a major illness.

You're most vulnerable if: Your parents were nervous about money or you grew up in a home where it was a constant struggle to make ends meet. Others believe that having more money will make them feel more secure or garner respect.

What to do: Keep a budget and track what you spend in cash; make a list of how much you owe, and note if you're saving any money. This will give you a sense of whether you need to be concerned.

It's also wise to think about what money symbolizes to you. If it represents security, success, pride, or moral worth, finding other ways to fulfill those desires can take some of the pressure off your financial picture. Also, avoid comparing your finances and happiness with those of people who have more money.

It has gone too far when: The smallest expenditure sends you spinning into a budgetary panic, or you can't enjoy a few simple indulgences. You should consult to a therapist, possibly one who specializes in financial issues.

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Miawruu April 21, 2010  

wew... I almost worry about number 4 and 6. Thanks for the tips

nopnop April 21, 2010  

wew...... nice info... ^^

mimien's world April 21, 2010  

I just worry about number 6. That is sickness...

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