Apr 20, 2010

Best Protection for Your Loved Ones

I stay with my father, 75 years old, at the same house. He doesn’t have a serious illness, but his blood pressure tends to unstable. Except me and my husband, there is no one else at home. It always worries me if I have to go out of town for days and leaving him alone at night. There is a woman who helps doing house hold jobs; but she is only at home until noon.

My father also likes to going out from home alone; whether he goes to post office, banks, stores, etc; most often he doesn’t tell me the places that he want to go. It truly makes me anxious; especially if he also forgets to bring his mobile phone. My most fear is something bad happen to him; and there’s no one can help!

That’s why I felt so grateful to know BrickHouse alert. With their valuable products, I can provide a 24 hours medical alert at home. Like having a live helper at home, BrickHouse alert presents two new helpful
Medical Alert products: Fall Alert detector and GPS Tracking Bracelet.

If your loved ones had fallen and can’t push a button; the Fall Alert detector will alert the emergency personnel and the help will come soon. GPS Tracking Bracelet, with 2-way speakerphone, can be used like a cell phone to call for getting help and also as a tracker device to find the user.

For getting more information on their Medical Alert products and services, visit their site or dial 877 632 5378. Let’s give best protection for our loved ones!

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