Apr 4, 2010

Women and Flowers

Why most women love flowers? These words are especially are in men’s thoughts. Most women love flowers so much; women love to receive flowers from their loved ones. You (men) may wonder why most women have this fondness. So, for Today's Flowers this week, I also want to share a little contemplation about a few reasons why women love flowers (in romantic way):
  • Flowers represent thoughts. Women understand that in order for men to get out and purchase flowers, they have to have taken the time to think about them. This is very important because women are very emotional beings. The fact that you took the time to think of her and then doing something that is completely out of your daily routine is a beautiful thing!

  • Flowers show that you pay attention. Men need to get the type of flower and the color of the flower right. Women love the fact that you pay attention to the little things.

  • Flowers say I love you. It is as simple as that. Women love to be told how you feel about them. But of course, there are still other ways to show your love…

It’s a pity that I still can’t share my bunch of flowers gift; because my husband has never given me any, hahaha. My entry for
Today's Flowers is beautiful little purple flowers that planted in the front of a neighbor’s house fence. I can’t find what the flower’s name, can you help me?

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