Jun 4, 2010

Best Quality Jordan Almonds for Your Great Events

Why are Jordan almonds used as popular favor in great events like weddings, engagements, graduations, christenings and valentine day? In various cultures, the almond symbolizes life and love. Fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste. It represents life. Jordan almonds, also recognized as sugared almonds or confetti, are attached as favors in wedding events with expectation that future life of the newlyweds will be more sweet than bitter.

At present time, you can find Jordan almonds in every color. White Jordan almonds are most familiar for wedding, since white symbolizes purity. The candies are often clustered in group of five, symbolizing the five wishes: health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life for the newlywed couples. The colors are usually related to certain life events, such as green Jordan almonds for engagements, red for graduations and yellow, pink or blue for baby showers or baptisms.

You can enclose a cluster of almonds in tulle and bind it with a ribbon, set a few almonds in boxes, put a few into decorative bags, or transfer a handful into champagne glasses or glass bowls on the tables. You can also add a little card with a Jordan almond poem that explains the almonds' meaning.

As the candies are used in your every great event, you should catch the best quality Jordan almonds. I have good news for you; now you can find it online. At Oh! Nuts, you can get the largest selection of Jordan Almonds, at the best quality and also the best price. If you’re in quest of high quality Jordan Almonds in a diversity of colors and flavors, don’t hesitate to contact and visit the website!

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