Jun 5, 2010

Easy Ways to Fight Your Boredom

If you know how to fight boredom, you can get things done easily. The biggest problem for those who are bored is that they rarely have an idea of what to do. So, why don’t you try these tips:

Step 1
Stand up from the couch.
If the TV doesn't attract your interest, try taking the dog for a walk, playing with your pets, visiting a park, planting a garden, star gazing, or going to the library to fight boredom. All of these things can help you learn something new and get the blood flowing for a heightened mood.

Step 2
Go to your hobbies
. You can always read books, do puzzles, or cook. These can help fight boredom and bring a smile to your face. If you are a fan of all of these things but get bored with the same ones, try making your own. Write a story or poem, make your own crossword or jigsaw puzzle, or create a cookbook for friends and family.

Step 3
Do a little dance
. Turn some music on and move around. Dancing can help get your mind working on a new way to fight boredom. If dancing isn't your thing, turn the music on and really listen to it. Try a new band or a new style of music.

Step 4
Try the Internet
. There are tons of sites on the Web that can help you fight boredom. You can chat with friends or see new videos and clips that are sweeping the nation.

Source : ehow.com and google
Image source: blogs.myspace.com

2 komentar:

eden June 05, 2010  

Great tips.

I do no 4 when I am bored or take a walk.

happy weekend!

eNeS June 06, 2010  

Sayang saya gak punya anjing mbak, hehehe....
Kalo saya punya Bintang, jd gak bosen main sama dia mbak...

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