Jun 13, 2010

The Story behind Amarylis

This red Amarylis in my front yard are so special, it has memory and story behind it. I’ll share the story here. Actually, this Amarylis –the same plant- is my late Mom’s favorite. I didn’t remember when it exactly my parents brought this plant from my uncle’s home for the first time. At that time, my parents visited an uncle in another town, and my Mom really loved the Amaryllis flowers that planted in my uncle’s front yard. My uncle gave one of his Amarylis plants and then the Amarylis was planted in our front yard, at the same position, until now.

My mother passed away in 1999, eleven years ago. We had this Amarylis about two years before. I really amaze, it means that we have had this Amarylis about thirteen years… wow! It’s a very long time for a flower plant’s age, right?

This Amarylis is very seldom blooming. My father said that the last flower seen in 1999, not long after my Mom died. So sorry Dad, but I’m not so sure about it. I remembered that it’s blooming about a month after she passed away; but I don’t remember whether it’s ever bloomed again after that.

I ask my husband, he said that he’s never seen the plant is flowering. I got married in 2002, so, at least, this Amarylis isn’t flowering for more than eight years. Though the Amarylis is seldom flowering, my father has never wanted to replace it with another plant because it is my late Mom’s beloved plant.

A few days ago, I was surprised to see the three buds were coming out. My father is very happy, and he convinced me again that the last flower was seen in 1999. I want to fix my mistake here. For
Today's Flowers, I’ll share the Amarylis flowers; it’s also for my documentation. This is a special Amarylis for us; I won’t forget the times it’s blooming again. I hope the plant can live for more years ahead and it’s blooming again. Who knows? Of course, I’ll share here it again to record the blooming times.

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