Jun 25, 2010

Sky Watch: Morning Sun

Last Tuesday, I, my husband and my in-laws went to the airport to take my sister in-law that will go abroad. To avoid traffic jam, we left home earlier. We arrived at the airport at about 06.30 a.m. I captured this warm morning sun a few minutes later.

Sky Watch Friday is a great place to share and see sky images around the world. Have a great Friday!

12 komentar:

eNeS June 25, 2010  

Subhanallah... Matahari selalu membuatku terpana mbak...
Foto yang cantik...

MinnieRunner June 25, 2010  

Lovely morning.. a promising one..

Jim June 25, 2010  

Golden beauty.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

eden June 25, 2010  

Very nice capture, Lina! Love it.

Unknown June 25, 2010  

this reminds of me of the fried eggs i had for breakfast.:p

Unknown June 25, 2010  

Fotonya bagus banget.. tambah profesional aja nih kayaknya.. :)

fini June 25, 2010  

Amazing shot, what else can I say!!
Beautiful indeed!

Ferdinand June 25, 2010  

Wah matahari paginya keren hhe.....apalagi klo didaerah pantai ya ..... kayanya akan sulit dibedain yg mana yg matahari pagi yg mana yg sunset hhe.......

Rossy R June 25, 2010  

It's Nice sunrise at city

Laura June 26, 2010  

a gorgeous sunrise shot!

pengumpulblog June 26, 2010  

sungguh indah sekali permandangan ketika itu. tenang dan mendamaikan.

Yen June 26, 2010  

Nice catch Ms. Lina, Sunrise is so meaningful to me.

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