Jun 18, 2010

Make a Safest Playground for Your Children!

For parents, children’s safety is becoming their most concern. Children like filling large part of their times every day by playing. While playing, children can also learn and train their physical ability. Playing activity is truly important for your child’s growth and development; but have you realized that it can also endanger your child?

Most playgrounds, whether public playgrounds or your own back yard, are less safe for your children, as it has poor and coarse surfaces. Imagine how high the accident risk can happen to your child!

Parents, don’t worry, Rubberecycle has provided the best solution. You can install Playsafer Rubber Mulch on your playground surface. Have you heard of Playsafer Rubber Mulch before? It is manufactured and totally designed by Rubberecycle to make your playground harmless.
Using almost six inches thick rubber mulch for your playgrounds will give you many benefits. Rubber mulch offers softness surface along the year and protection to your child by its high shock absorption capacity; your child would not get injure even if she/he falls from a high place! You get the most thickness and safest playground surfacing; but in the most cost effective way. Isn’t it great?

Rubber Mulch is totally safe to your child’s health, as it is also non-toxic and it reduces mud and dust that can cause allergic reaction. For getting more detailed information, I suggest you to read the whole
rubber mulch FAQ's in their website.

Let’s make a safe playground! Your child will love playing on the soft and colorful playground surface!

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Dennis Grangers June 21, 2010  

One of my children once broke her arm when falling off a slide. I decided that I was gonna do research and find something safe for playground surface. Then I heard about your Rubber Mulch from a park a half hour away from me. It's awesome. My child feels much safer now and I see shes more relaxed. For me i used to be scared that every time she was gonna fall and brake another bone.. I had Rubber Mulch installed in my yard and all the neighborhood kids come to play all the time.

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