Jun 16, 2010

Nostalgia #5: A Memorable Old House

Actually this old house belongs to my great-grand parent in father side. I don’t know exactly the age of the house, I guess it’s about 100 years. Last Sunday, we held a family gathering there, so, I can take some pictures.

During my college times, I stayed in this house, for about four years. That’s why this house is full of memories! Four years isn’t a short time, right? My parents didn’t allow me to rent a room or something like that, so, I had to live in a family house.

Until now, an aunt and a cousin still live at the house. Last Sunday, though other family guests have gone home, I and my husband still stay for hours there…


5 komentar:

MinnieRunner June 17, 2010  

100 years? Wow, that house was old; and yet lovely.

friendblogger June 17, 2010  

Lovely host..

Chubskulit Rose June 17, 2010  

Oh my lord, that house of your grannies is antique already. I am sure that generation from generation have so much lovely memories built in it.

Mel_Cole June 17, 2010  

Wow, imagine 100 years? So happy to hear that your granny passed it to her family. And that includes you! Wow, sis, you've been blessed!

Unknown June 19, 2010  

Wow, 100 years and common house looks like still in good shape. Im sure you have wonderful memory living your college days in that house.


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