Jun 24, 2010

Nostalgia #6: A Journey

This time I want to share photos on our visit (in 2003) to Gua Lawa (Bat Cave) in Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia. The cave is so large. When we entered it, we saw bats hanging above, but not in a large amount.

It’s said that the cave was used long time ago (during Majapahit Empire period) as a meeting and resting place of holy and religious leaders. In their effort to introduce and spread Islam religion in Java Island for the first time, they had to face with Majapahit soldiers that assumed them as enemies.

It’s interesting place to visit, we admired the views inside. I remembered that I saw cave wall and stones that have unique shapes, and a little pond with its continuous water source. There are strange colors in some of photos; I don’t know exactly what it is.

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Chubskulit Rose June 24, 2010  

I love going to a cave, I had two experiences of going inside the cave and they were great experiences.

Love those photos, I bet the two of you will go back there again sometimes.

Lulu June 24, 2010  

visiting a cave is indeed a beautiful experience

shydub June 25, 2010  

Looks like a wonderful journey for both of you. I had been to acave in bohol once and it was a great experience.

salvy June 25, 2010  

I wish i could also visit even one cave. Never in my life yet.
Thanks for sharing,, i could imagine the presence of bats inside the caves while you were inside

Verna Luga June 25, 2010  

hope to see this place before I die... hehehe.. the strange colors are misprocessed colors I think ...

mine is at On This Side of Town

Rossel June 25, 2010  

i haven't experienced going into a cave yet. i am afraid actually. i have this phobia of enclosed dark places.

i think those shiny colors in the pictures are minerals in the rocks.

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