Jun 9, 2010

Best Solution to Avoid High Roaming Fees while You Go Abroad

My oldest brother has just come back from United Kingdom for work duty. He’s leaving for about two weeks. While he’s in United Kingdom, he still kept in touch with his family every day. Then I wondered how high his phone bill could be.

Therefore, I asked my brother about it. I was surprised to know that he’s not paying huge roaming fees at all. He introduced me to uwtmobile.com, the reliable online seller of GSM phone card for unlocked GSM cell phones. He’s already had an unlocked GSM cell phone, so it’s only needed to buy a U.K. SIM Card at the website.

He told me how the SIM Card really helped him to save a lot of money on his communication cost. With using UWT Mobile SIM Card, it allows international travelers, like my brother, to avoid extremely high roaming fees charged by mobile phone operators. It’s a big relief, right? If you have a plan to travel around Europe this summer, you should consider getting your own Europe SIM Card.

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