Jun 6, 2010

Flowers of Guava

It’s another white flower from me. So glad to know, flowers of the guava tree in my front yard are blooming. For Today's Flowers, I share the beauty of them. Hope the fruits grow big…

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eileeninmd June 06, 2010  

Love your pretty white flowers! Great photos and have a happy Sunday!

eNeS June 06, 2010  

Bunga Guava? Baru tahu tuh mbak. Bunganya unik bgt

eNeS June 06, 2010  

Bunga Guava? Baru tahu tuh mbak. Bunganya unik bgt

Joanne Olivieri June 07, 2010  

Wow, very exciting and exotic. I love these.

mixedfresh June 07, 2010  

mbak lina, walaupun cuma bunga jambu tapi kalo di abadikan dalam foto ternyata sangat indah ya..
nice picture

Quilt Works June 07, 2010  

Wow, what wonderful flowers! I have never seen this flower before - so pretty!


Kim, USA June 07, 2010  

Oh my I haven't seen and haven't eaten guava. Now I am drooling hehehe. Happy Sunday!

My Flowers

eden June 07, 2010  

Beautiful shots of the guava flowers. I have 2 guava trees here and they have fruits now.

Iowa Gardening Woman June 07, 2010  

So very pretty!

MinnieRunner June 07, 2010  

Beautiful flowers of Guava. Why didn't I see these kind of flowers on our Guava?

Unknown June 07, 2010  

bagus bunganya mbak
boleh dipetik gak?

Faye June 07, 2010  

very nice pictures! it reminds me when i was young. i used to climb up in a guava tree to get the fruits. they are rich in vitamins A and C with seeds that are rich in omega-3, omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially dietary fiber.

A 2 Z June 07, 2010  

Are they the same flowers that come from the guava fruit? They are beautiful and fragile. Thanks for sharing.


Yen June 07, 2010  

Indeed a lovely flower it is.:-)

Regina June 07, 2010  

Flower of the guava? How amazing.
Have nice week Lina.

Cheqna June 07, 2010  

beautiful flowers..i've never seen guava flowers in close shot b4...tq Lina for sharing,

n hope the fruits grow big too!


Jama June 08, 2010  

Gorgeous! very soon you can enjoy the fruits.

Mrs. M June 08, 2010  

Wow! Such gorgeous blooms. I never had a close-up look of guava flowers. You captured the so well. Bagusnya!

Anonymous October 25, 2010  

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