Jun 1, 2010

Brave Women

As a solidarity expression for women in Palestina, I share here some photos. Let them talk to you.

Nur Fitri Moeslim Taher (on the right, the leader of Indonesian MER-C team-sail mission to Gaza)

Source: themuslimwoman.org, thepeoplesvoice.org, whypalestine.files.wordpress, palestinethinkthank.com, flickr

9 komentar:

Bidina_ali June 01, 2010  

nice pictures...^_^

Mahadma June 02, 2010  

kekerasan terhadap perempuan....t e r l a l u ....

etam grecek June 02, 2010  

tak punya rasa kemanusian....tak bisa mmperlakukan wanita seperti ibunya sendiri..

MinnieRunner June 02, 2010  


mixedfresh June 02, 2010  

may be they was born from stone, not from mother

Cheqna June 02, 2010  

What's their reactions if their own mothers, sisters and kids are treated like that?

Unknown June 04, 2010  

Tuk Lintas Agama...mari bersatu perangi kebiadaban....

Diah June 04, 2010  

I Love it,,, Really brave women.. Go Palestine! We all support u against Israel

NENSA MOON June 04, 2010  

go go brave women!!
God bless you all...

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