Aug 4, 2012

A Fashion Solution for Plus Sized Women

For women with large body frames like me, it’s not easy to shop clothes at retail shops. I have wide shoulder, wide waist and wide hip, though I’m not obese. In fact, you can do nothing about your bone size, you were born with that. Is it really hard for big boned women to find suitable clothes? Larger women also crave to look good, right?

When you go to malls, you’ll see that the size of clothes that usually available at most fashion stores are between size 8-14, though there are lots of larger body framed women anywhere with size around 16 and above. This situation makes them unfit for the ‘normal’ size of offered clothes in the market.

Sometimes I must find tops and pants that suit my size at maternity clothes section. But recently, I can rely on some factory outlets in my city that provide imported big size outfits.  I bought my last jean at a factory outlet with a good price. What a relief!

Therefore I seldom buy clothes when visiting a mall. I see many stores are filled with Barbie-shaped mannequins. Some fashion stores provide plus sized clothes, but the collections are very limited and most of them are out-of-date ones. Don’t you think those retailers have missed the potential opportunity by ignoring the larger market? I think the demand of fashionable yet inexpensive plus size clothes is very high!

It’s no wonder that nowadays there’s an increase in amount of women who prefer to shop online as they can’t discover trendy and proper outfits in shopping malls. If you also face trouble to find clothes at retails that fit your body shape and size, you can depend on reliable online stores that offer trendy plus sized outfits.  

Larger women who need a new bathing suit can trust in trendy Always for Me plus size swimwear collection to make them look good. It’s not hard anymore to get stunning swimsuit wardrobe for a pool party, summer vacation or a beach trip. Isn’t it good news for us –plus sized women?

3 komentar:

Gemcheats August 04, 2012  

Nice post .. I like fashion :)

Anonymous August 08, 2012  

why haven't the shops twigged yet? you are right - I do most of my shopping online now because I can't really buy on the high street. but with a little creativity we can look great!

Shilpa August 08, 2012  

These are refreshing design in swim suites category.

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