Aug 7, 2012

Grab the Hottest Swimsuit This Summer

The newest styles of swimsuits have hit the scene and its time for you to grab one and head to the beach. The weather is warm, the water is inviting and the styles this year are better than ever. Summer won't be here for long so check out the newest fashions and get out there in fashion!

Tie-ups are in this season and can flatter almost any type of figure. Wrap-style straps, laces and statement ties are all the rage. If you've never tried a tie-up suit before give it a shot.

Neutrals are out
Hot colors like lime green, bright yellow and flaming orange are setting the tone for bright swimsuits in 2012. Put that brown suit back in the drawer and head for something brighter. 

Fringing returns
Fringes are back and looking great. These styles can be quite slimming - especially when the right suit cut is chosen along with the fringes.

Animal prints
Along with the bright colors come all sorts of animal prints. Tigers, leopards and all sorts of cat prints are hot on the market right now. You'll look like a temptress wearing one of these beauties.

Snakeskin is also a big seller this year. When you think about it, though, when is snakeskin not an item? 

White and black  
This is something that will never go out of style. There are plenty of black-and-white swimsuits available this summer in a variety of fresh styles. 

Bring out your best using the ruffled look. If you have extra weight on your stomach or thighs, choose a swimsuit with ruffles at the top. These bathing suits will divert the attention from the extra pounds and make you appear slimmer. They can also look rather romantic, if that's the type of statement you're trying to make.

Sequins and jewels
Ready to shine on the beach? Jewels and sequins are being added to the suits this year to make you absolutely sparkle. If you're looking to turn heads, these are the bathing suits to turn to.

Summer's on and the heat is turning up. It's time to get in style now with a new and exciting bathing suit. The choice is yours this year with the hottest fashion looks around. Sometimes you just need to retire your old bathing suit, say goodbye to it for good and look at the up-and-coming selections for 2012 on the beach.

Sharon Freeman is an Australian Freelance writer who loves to write about Fashion. Her articles cover the Do’s and don’ts of fashion and can be about anything from designer skirts to buying dresses online.

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