Aug 5, 2012

To Look Good in Your New Swimwear

Ladies, do you have a water activity that you want to attend in the short time? Well, if you feel that your current swimwear isn’t trendy anymore, it’s the right time for you to search for a new one. Nowadays, bathing suits for women come to you in various styles, designs, colors and patterns. If you still don’t know how to choose the right swimsuit, you can end up with wearing the wrong bathing suit that only makes you feel uncomfortable and less confident.


Whether it’s for a beach getaway, a pool party or summer vacation, you want to look good in your swimwear, right? To find a swimsuit that looks fine on you, buy one that flatters your body shape. The important hint is you must recognize your body type first. So, what is your body shape? Is it a pear shape, apple shape, hourglass shape or straight shape?


For the right reference, you should know the measurement of your bust at the fullest point, your hips at the widest point and your waist at the smallest point. These ratios will help you to find the right size and style of any swimsuit.


The right choice of swimsuit cut and color will emphasize your best features and hide body part that you less like. If you want to reduce the tummy appearance, one piece swimsuits will help you to avoid other attention to your mid part. But if you think one piece suit is too old-fashioned, you can try a tankini swimwear as another option to cover your mid part.


Confident women who find another choice of swimsuit that still has bikini charm; they can try monokini swimwear. There are lots of options, but you should choose one that suits your body type and makes you feel good.  You don’t need to search all over the place, as whatever swimsuit that you desire, you can depend on high quality, stunning yet affordable Bossa Swimwear collection.

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Shilpa August 06, 2012  

You are right about the size and shape... only if we feel comfort we can enjoy in water. I usual go for two pieces and I am comfort in it :)


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