Aug 28, 2012

Facebook’s New Mobile Dating Application

Imagine standing at your favorite club on a Saturday evening when an extremely attractive individual saunters by you. This beautiful person maneuvers around, and stands directly to the left-side of you, while in your mind you can’t help but to wonder how someone could be put together so eloquently.

In a typical situation, you would probably turn to this person and introduce yourself, or perhaps throw out a few flirtatious lines. Usually, these lines, which can be corny to some yet romantic to others, are hit and miss.

What if you had the ability to get rid of the awkwardness that goes hand-in-hand with meeting someone you find attractive? What if you also had the ability to find this gorgeous person through the use of your smartphone’s Internet and GPS?  It certainly isn’t an impossible possibility given then advanced technological age that we live in, and Facebook has found a way to make this type of feature accessible.

“Find Friends Nearby,” originally called “Handshake,” is a new mobile-based application that allows people to find others that happen to be close by. The creature of the application has compared it with a similar iOS- based application, “Find My Friends.”

In order for “Find Friends Nearby” to work correctly, each user must have the application installed, and then grant permission for other users to see where they are. Users will get a choice, however, as to when and where to share their location. They will be able to use a simple on and off function that will allow them to choose when to be found and when not to be found.

The Potential

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a lot of buzz on dating sites about “Find Friends Nearby.” However, the potential is outstanding for successful dating sites such as Imagine the social network giant Facebook teaming up with leading social network dating sites. The results could be phenomenal.  However, in order to work successfully, dating sites would need to be able to develop and incorporate an application that connects its user to Facebook. This in turn would give users the options of finding out who is around them, which is the main goal of “Find My Friends.”

Other Things to Consider

Having an application such as “Find My Friends” gives users a way to quickly eliminate potential partners after they have been rejected without having to go through the entire embarrassing fiasco. However, the application can also lead to more positive outcomes, such as having a one-night fling with someone you otherwise would have never talked to, a relationship, and perhaps even marriage in the future.

How to Use “Find My Friends”

The application was released this past June without any advertising or buzz, so it’s probable that many people aren’t exactly sure where to look.  To find it, simply open your phone’s application menu in the mobile Facebook application. Click on “Find Friends,” “Other Tools,” then select “Find Friends Nearby.” A list of friends currently using the application will appear, and you’ll be able to see their locations if that feature is turned on.

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