Aug 3, 2012

Preparing an Entertaining Kid’s Birthday Party

Yesterday night I chatted with an old friend. She told me that she will hold a home birthday party next month. Since it’s her first experience to host a birthday party, she still felt worried about things that relates with the party preparation.  

Her little girl is a fan of ‘Dora the Explorer’ cartoon character; therefore she chose it as the party theme. She didn’t face trouble with the invitation, the food, the drink, the birthday cake, the balloon decoration and the party favors; as she will prepare them to be matched with the theme.    

Her biggest worry was how to keep her girl and about her twenty friends entertained during the party. She knew many other parties that ended up to become boring and disappointment ones; rather than it being fun. She didn’t want it will happen at the party, but she still wasn’t able to decide which party entertainment activities that her daughter and friends will love.

The idea of throwing various party games by themselves –my friend and husband- didn’t interest her as she wasn’t sure that she will be able to handle and take care of many kids at the same time. She had no experience before. Having known her doubts, I suggested her to visit; so that she can decide what kinds of party entertainments that she will choose.

This morning she already informed me that she loved the idea of hiring professional face painters Long Island and renting a toddler bounce house for the birthday party. I really agreed with her decision; kids will love to get their faces painted by their favorite characters! I think face painting and playing inside a bounce house will become great activities that can keep the kids amused during the party hours. Kids may easily overlook the other parts of the party that they just attended, but an entertaining birthday party will surely be kept in their minds.  

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M.sagha.MA August 03, 2012  

Ultah semasa kanak kanak merupakan satu kenangan indah bagi saya, beda dengan saya yg sekarang :)

Gemcheats August 04, 2012  

Ia betul menurut saya juga begitu..
Ultah dimasa kanak - kanak sangat terkesan..
Nice post mba.. Jadi teringat masa kecil..

Unknown August 26, 2012  
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