Aug 22, 2012

Necklaces, Their Varying Design and Their Significance

Jewelry has been a passion for human beings for ages and has been used as an accessory by both men and women. The earliest findings of mankind show remnants of jewels of various kinds. Research has also shown that ancient people had an understanding about the use of different types of ornament. The ornaments greatly differ in their forms based on tradition culture and region. The styles of ornaments worn in different parts of the world can be identified by their style, material used and the pattern. Ornaments were made with any readily available material and it could be very costly or at a very meager price. The main purpose of jewelry was adornment of the body and anything that could accentuate your appearance was considered good enough to use for making earrings, bracelets, rings and other ornaments.

Among all jewelry, necklaces have been found to have been really popular and are worn in various styles length and sizes. Necklaces tell a lot about the person wearing it. Necklaces made of precious metals and stones signify the status of a person but one cannot generalize as these days even non-precious jewelry are worn with élan. These days’ ornaments are also worn to emphasize relationships like wedding rings and named necklaces. These days jewelry is also measured by fashion trends. If jewelry is outdated it can sell at a good cost but on the other hand if it is the latest in fashion it is valued a lot even if it is made of ordinary material.

Necklaces are also worn because of religious and spiritual needs as those worn by Christians in the form crucifix hanging on a necklace and also those worn by Hindus and Native Americans in the form of amulet hanging on necklaces to keep safe from bad evil or pictures of Gods and Goddesses hanging on ordinary necklaces. Sometimes birthstones are used as pendants to be worn with necklaces.
Most necklaces are reflection of the taste of the person wearing it. Some prefer to wear a simple chain necklace with small pendants while others may prefer a more lavish one with intricate designs. In recent times the liking for fashion jewelry has increased to a great extent. But despite so much innovation in the field of jewelry making there are some who still prefer to go with the conventional precious stone and metal necklaces. Among the latest styles in necklaces, the named necklaces have received a lot of positive reviews. The ease of online shopping has made it possible to find exactly what one is looking for. Wearing necklaces that signify peace, love or luck are available in stores. There is lot of use of pendants which signify some symbol or colors which stand for some mood. Different type and size of necklace suit different personalities. Necklaces also help in serving as an accessory for your clothing and enhance your personality.

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