Aug 7, 2012

Getting the Right Sunglasses

Don’t you know that sun exposure can harm not only your skin, but also your eyes? Therefore you need to wear sunglasses as it will protect your eyes from dangerous lights. Don’t think sunglasses only as a fashion accessory item; you should more concern to its protective function.

If you still don’t know how to choose the pair of sunglasses, you can be confused as today’s sunglasses come to you in various styles, features and prices. When it comes to search for the right sunglasses, you should consider three significant qualities that must have by high quality sunglasses: first-rate eye shield, comfort to wear and stunning style. You can trust Seattle Sunglass Co. as they only provide the widest collections of high quality sunglasses.

Why it’s important for you to wear only a high quality pair of sunglasses? It’s because only good sunglasses that can protect your eyes completely from harmful light such as ultraviolet radiation during sunshine, powerful light and glare. The huge importance of UV protection made the FDA –the U.S. government agency that also supervises sunglasses produce and sales- suggested to search for sunglasses with the mentioned label either UV 400 or 100% UV protection. This label states that the lenses can block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Choosing the wrong brand is fatal as it will more endanger your eyes than not using any eyeglasses. The low quality sunglasses may even allow more of the UV light to enter the iris and retina of your eyes. On the contrary, buying Mosley Tribes shades won’t be a wrong choice, as Mosley Tribes is a first-class brand of sunglasses that offer greatest shield and appearance.

Don’t forget to pick close-fitting glasses with large lenses that will help blocking the light more successfully. Luxury sunglasses may be more stylish, but they don’t always protect your eyes more. The good protection must be your main concern when choosing the right sunglasses!

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