Aug 23, 2012

Steps to Prevent Underarm Sweating Instantly

Sweating is a natural process of a human body. Unfortunately, some people sweat uncontrollably and have to suffer from social embarrassments and low self esteem. Sometimes the condition of excessive sweating often resist others to come in direct contact with your body, due to ruined clothes fully soaked in your sweat. This can develop a lot of insecurities that may hinder you to socialize. Therefore, it is essential to treat this problem before it gets worse and become a core part of your lifestyle.

Excessive sweating often leads to armpit stains that usually makes your problem more noticeable. It can become embarrassing for you, whether you're in home and special events such as business meetings, romantic date, social functions and so on. In this article we will help you to get rid of excessive perspiration or sweating by guiding you through some simple, yet effective steps.

1. Make Use of Deodorant and Antiperspirants:  This is one of the easiest and most effective way to stay clear. Deodorants are perfumed sprays that were basically made to mask the foul odor caused due to armpit sweating. On the other hand, Antiperspirants are specifically made to reduce the amount of sweat produced by sweat glands. Those who have a problem of excessive sweating should opt for antiperspirants to keep their armpits dry. Make sure you keep on applying them after every 5-6 hours since they are engineered to last only for few hours. Nowadays, there are millions of companies worldwide providing such products. You can visit the stores and look for the most suitable option for yourself.

2. Choose an Appropriate Material of Your Clothes: It is always advised to pick a sweat absorbing material to avoid sweat stains under your arms. You will be surprised to know that some fabrics actually cause more sweat like silk, wool, nylon etc. You must look for a sweat absorbing fabrics like cotton. Also, the colours of your outfit also have a great impact on your sweat glands. Dark colours will usually produce more sweat, as compared to lighter ones.

3. Stress: Stress is one of the most common cause of excessive sweating, after heat. Keep yourself away from any kind of stress, like mental pressure, nervousness, aggression and so on. However, it is not at all easy to control temperature practically, but you can follow some simple yoga and meditation practices to reduce the impact of stress on your body. Begin with taking long breathes once you start feel any kind of stress or tension holding your body. This small practice will help you loosen up and reduce sweat.

4. Oral medications: Nowadays, there are many kind of oral medications available in the market that claim to reduce the activity of sweat glands in your body. Vitamin B supplement is best known for this purpose. These products can be found in any conventional store, drug store or even online. However, we will recommend you to consult your physician first before taking any kind of oral supplement to prevent the occurrence of side effects.

5. Armpit waxing - Keep your armpit clean to avoid any kind of armpit stains on your shirt. It is a proven fact that the more hair you’ll have, the more you are likely to sweat. This is the reason that you will find many women getting their armpit shaved or waxed to keep it clean and dry. Removal of armpit hair can effectively prevent excessive armpit sweating.

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