Dec 17, 2013

A Reunion Cake

A friend who runs a cake business made this yummy cake for celebrating our college reunion last Sunday.  It’s a kind of edible printing cake; she said that the images printed on sugar layer.  
Those red campus jackets! I don't know where my jacket is now.  Do you still keep yours?

3 komentar:

Leovi December 17, 2013  

Very funny eating a photo ! Magnificent cake!

genie December 18, 2013  

This is amazing. How in the world do you print on a layer of sugar? It is much has changed in my 74 years. I love this cake...think it would have been hard to eat it. Great shot. No, I have no clue where my old wool, navy blue school blazer is.

Gillena Cox December 18, 2013  

this is classy!!!

much love...

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