Dec 14, 2013

Should Kids Be On Reality TV Today?

The great parenting debate is one that has been going on for decades and probably won't die down anytime soon. One of the current topics up for debate is whether or not kids should be on reality TV shows today.

Many parents argue that putting children on TV at a young age is hampering their ability to live a normal childhood and will cause issues later on. Pro-reality show parents don't think it makes much of a difference. With shows like Kate Plus 8 and Toddlers and Tiaras taking their spot high up on the ratings charts it shows that people are watching but what long term effects will these shows have on the children participating?

Self Esteem
When kids are being filmed for a television show they are receiving a lot of attention they wouldn't normally experience. This comes not only during the filming process but afterwards in public, when complete strangers notice them on the streets and pay attention to them.

This can raise a child's self esteem but when their five minutes of fame goes away they may miss that attention and spotlight and have trouble adjusting to a more normal life. Without receiving other random people's praise these kids can begin searching for other ways to make themselves feel the 'high' that fame gave them. This is the cause for many sad endings for childhood stars.

Preventing A Normal Childhood
In order to create a thirty minute television show there can be days worth of taping, each of these days lasting 12-14 hours. During this time kids are followed around with a full camera crew and this can be a very high energy, over stimulating situation. During these times of taping kids may not be able to have down time, relax or play like regular children.

Test Subjects
Because reality TV hasn't been around very long we are using the current kids of reality TV to determine the child labor laws that are put into effect regarding television. We are also hoping that the decisions currently being made are appropriate ones and won't have a negative impact. If they do, that will be proof that kids should be limited in their ability to be on reality TV.

Reality shows are a newer fad. There isn't a lot of data to look at when it comes to considering how putting kids on reality TV can affect them later on in life. In a proper situation filming a TV show might be a positive experience but there is likely negative situations going on that will harm a child later on in life.

Choosing an appropriate channel that can help you ensure you and your family are viewing appropriate material in your home. It can make a big difference in what your own kids are seeing. Monitoring your viewing by remembering to choose the right TV service is also a great thing for your kids.

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