Dec 6, 2013

Five Tips for Ladies with New Year's Resolutions of Getting Fit

The New Year is fast approaching and many women are already making New Year’s resolutions to burn the Christmas calories they know will attach themselves to their bum, hips and thighs.

Before you rush out and join a gym or sign up for a fitness camp, take note that more exercise related injuries occur in January than any other month of the year. Why? Because so many have wonderful plans for flat bellies and curvaceous bums they rush into exercising without adequate preparation and injure themselves.
Whilst this is bad enough, to make matters worse injuries have a tendency to put novice exercisers off the idea of exercising again for the immediate future – often until the following New Year – and there goes another year without exercise.

  1. Don’t rush or overexert yourself (just yet)
Although you may have grand goals for the New Year, bear in mind that you’ll do yourself no favours by rushing into things. Since more exercise related injuries occur in January than any other month, don’t be a statistic, take the time to ease yourself into your new diet and exercise regime.

It takes time to adapt to new exercises and a reduction in caloric intake and the worst thing you can do is put your body through unnecessary stress. Start off slowly and work your way steadily towards your goals.

  1. Pay attention to your diet
Diet complements exercise and vice versa where getting in shape is concerned and you’ll need to pay attention to both if you’re to achieve your goals. Diets don’t have to equal boring meal times and as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent low-calorie recipes and meal plans to take an interest in online there’s no need for you to ever come close to becoming bored of food.

  1. Strengthen your core
Whilst it’s important to exercise your entire body – don’t neglect ‘weak’ body parts – your core is widely considered to be the most important part to focus upon strengthening. Your core affects the rest of your body more than you may be aware so it’s incredibly important to perform core strengthening exercises even though they’re often the most painful to start with.

Your core affects your balance, posture and can improve your athletic performance and enhance everyday movement so it’s therefore worthy of affording extra attention to. What’s more, a stronger core will also result in a flatter belly which is likely one of your top New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Add light weight training to your cardio regime
Women often avoid weight training out of fear of putting on muscle mass but weight training is essential to losing weight and it has a number of excellent health benefits to take note of, like improving bone density to help avoid osteoporosis later in life. Lean muscle mass also helps to burn calories more rapidly and helps to firm your figure, so add light weight training to your cardio regime for noticeable results. 

  1. Exercise with others
Many women find they achieve greater results by exercising with other women. This could be because they’re pushed to achieve results at a Prestige bootcamp or because exercising with a partner means they’d be letting someone else down when they slack off, though whatever the reason, the verdict is in and that is exercising with others is more beneficial.

The New Year is the perfect time to start afresh by placing emphasis on diet and exercise, so take these tips into account when setting yourself resolutions for 2014.

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