Dec 6, 2013

Sky Watch: Blue Sky, Lake and a Boat

The lake located in my husband’s hometown. That day was my first time to visit and have lunch at a lakeside eating place. It’s a modest place with amazing view. 

I saw some boats on the edge of the lake. The boat belongs to nearby village people. They use the boat to cross the lake and catch fish.  

Location: the Petuguran Lake (Bumiayu, West Java Province, Indonesia)

9 komentar:

Anonymous December 06, 2013  

That looks so lovely.

Photo Cache December 06, 2013  

this is a spectacular capture.

eileeninmd December 06, 2013  

Lina, what a lovely scene. The boat and lake,great composition. Have a happy weekend!

Gemma Wiseman December 06, 2013  

A delightful scene. Love this view of mountains on the other side of the lake.

Indrani December 06, 2013  

I feel like pushing the boat into the lake and jumping into it. Perfect skies for boating.

thomas December 06, 2013  

love the tranquil setting.

Karen December 06, 2013  

What a pretty spot!

Carver December 07, 2013  

Very peaceful and beautiful scene.

Icy BC December 09, 2013  

That's so pretty!

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