Dec 18, 2013

See the Beauty of Australia with the Working Holiday Maker Program

Australia is the first country to offer younger travelers the chance to make money and travel at the same time. The country introduced the Working Holiday Maker program, which is open to all travelers between the ages of 18 and 30. There are two types of visas available based on where you live before the program begins. These programs make it easy to spend some time traveling throughout the country without worrying about how you can afford the trip. This program lets you explore Australia for one year, and you can even apply for an extended visa if you want to stay longer. Discover how you can see Australia and work with this unique program.

Applying for a Visa

Before you can legally work in the country, you must have a visa that entitles you to work. The Working Holiday Maker program is a unique program that lets you travel as a tourist and work at the same time. You must apply for a visa before you arrive in the country, but a migration consultant can help. A migration consultant will answer any questions and address any concerns that you have, file the paperwork for you and ensure that everything is in place before you leave.

Working Conditions

With one of these visas in hand, you can seek temporary employment with nearly any employer in the country. As a temporary employee, you promise that you will not work for any one company for longer than six months. If the work extends beyond that point, or you decide to take on a permanent position, you need to apply for a new visa. You have the right to work for more than one employer as well, and you can also take classes at a local college or university for four months or less. If you decide to take classes for a longer period of time, you need to apply for a student visa.

Alternate Work and Travel

One of the biggest benefits of the Working Holiday Maker program is that you can alternate between working and traveling. Many people find that they need to pick one or the other. They need to work a full-time job to have the money to travel, but frequent traveling will drain their bank accounts, which means they need to go back to work. This visa program gives you the best of both worlds. You can work for a few months, travel for a few months and go back to working again when you need money.

Extending Your Trip

After seeing and exploring Australia for a year, you might decide that you want to extend your trip. This program offers a number of ways that you can stay in the country longer. Finding a sponsor is one option. A sponsor is someone who believes that you are a good addition to the country. The person might guarantee that you can live with them and their family, or they might verify that you have a job working for their company. You can also extend your stay if you have a job or decide to attend college in the country. 

When you can't choose between working and traveling, the Working Holiday Maker program might be the right choice for you. This program lets you legally work as you travel throughout the country.

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Leovi December 19, 2013  

Wonderful to travel to Australia!

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it is Naturally.. i love it

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