Dec 22, 2013

Buds of Lotus

Yesterday Friday I came to my nephew’s school to get her academic report. My SIL and nephew were out of town and his father had an important meeting at the office.  She isn’t including in the best ten in the class but it’s no problem as her all scores are fine.  She’s a new student there and she faces difficulty with the local language lesson. Near her school, there are several decorative plant sellers. I took these pretty buds before going home.

Lotus is such a plant of the water-lily family that grows in water or mud. Sacred flower of the Buddhists. It’s a symbol of truth, fertility and purity since its blooms emerge pure and beautiful -out of muddy waters.

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Obat Sakit December 22, 2013  


Rossanoni December 22, 2013  

ya ..katanya lambang suatu bangsa ...dimanapun tumbuh selalu diatas.

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