Dec 18, 2013

Do You Search for Safe Plastic Food Containers?

Holiday season is already waiting on the corner. Are you planning to host any party or just preparing your home for welcoming friends and relatives who usually come? During this festive time, homemakers commonly offer various light meals such as candies, cookies, and other mouth-watering snacks to all coming visitors. If you think your present cookie jars already look unattractive, you’ll need several new jars for keeping the food safely and also serving the light meals in nice presentation.  

You may see lots of plastic food containers in different sizes and shapes available in the market but you should know that some sorts of plastic are unsafe for storing food as it may release potential toxins into the stored food and beverage. I believe that no one wants to endanger their loved ones by using wrong food jars. So, how to find safe food containers? Is it hard to do?

When searching for safe plastic jars, you can trust the food storage products of Allinpackaging collection. It’s the right store to find quality and safe items as they only provide you with a variety of containers which made of types of plastic materials that recommended for food and liquid storing since they don’t remove chemicals into your food and beverages.

For your knowledge, the safe plastic materials for food containers including polypropylene (marked as PP and labeled with a number 5) and polyethylene (marked as PE and labeled with a number 4).  Polyethylene terephthalate (marked as PET and labeled with a number 1) containers are generally used to store beverages but you should replace it once you see any crack or cloudy look on it.  

It’s always better safe than sorry; thus make sure that the chosen jars also free from the ingredient of Bisphenol-a or obviously marked as BPA-free.  Whatever plastic food container which you have; it shouldn’t be accessible to excessive heat. So, don’t use any plastic container for heating or cooking food even though there’s a sign of microwave or oven-safe on it. For smart consumers like you, getting required knowledge first is the key to find and choose the right food containers.

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