Dec 25, 2013

Why Should You Get a Pedicure?
A lot of people neglect to care for their feet and toenails properly. This is especially the case when the weather is cold and therefore socks and slippers become the norm. Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure you look after your toenails. Not only do you want them to look beautiful, but you want your feet to be healthy as well.

How to take care of your feet and toenails
·         Dry your feet properly – It is so important to make sure you dry your feet properly, however this is something that so many people fail to do. The area in between your toes is the most crucial. If you don’t dry this space properly it can easily lead to fungal growth.
·         Dust your feet with salicylic acid based powder – This is a great little tip. Using salicylic acid based powder is extremely beneficial because it absorbs any excess sweat which in turn helps to minimise the impact of bacteria. When you consider how much feet sweat you see how important this is. If you can’t get your hands on salicylic acid based powder specifically any anti-fungal powder will do.
·         Scrub your heels – It is also recommended to scrub the heels of your feet with a scrubber on a daily basis. By doing this you will remove all of the dead skin cells and ensure your feet are nice and soft as a result.
·         Clip and file your toe nails – It is not only important to make sure you follow this step, but you need to do it the right way. Be careful not to cut at the corners of your nails. If you do so this can result in ingrown toe nails.

If you follow the four points mentioned you can be assured that your feet will look and feel healthier. Nevertheless, there is one instance whereby a trip to the spa is called for. That’s right; having a pedicure is an advised treatment and here’s why…

Why should you get a pedicure Hong Kong?
·         Beautiful feet – No one can deny how beautiful a pedicure looks. Perfectly painted toenails always look fantastic.
·         Massage – Part of a pedicure encompasses having a massage. This is important because it improves blood circulation whilst also diminishing stress. Nobody can deny how relaxing a massage is!
·         Softer feet – There is nothing worse than your feet feeling hard and rough. A pedicure helps to ensure that this is not the case. Your feet will feel lovely and soft.
·         Healthy feet – Last but not least, undoubtedly the most important factor of them all – your feet will be a lot healthier. This is because the dead skin is rid of and as a consequence the chance of a fungal infection is reduced. In addition to this, your cuticles will be cleaned up and hang nails eradicated.

The only thing you need to do now is discover where the best spa in Hong Kong is for your pedicure. Flawless is undoubtedly the recommended option. They have a wealth of different pedicure treatments to choose from and their international management team ensures they match the standard of the top salons in London, New York and Geneva.

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