Dec 3, 2013

Big Fashion Mistakes with Leggings

Leggings are really fashionable at the moment but it is so important not to make fashion mistakes when wearing leggings. They come in different lengths, colours and thicknesses and it is so important to make sure that you wear the right ones to suit you.

One big mistake that people make is to wear a thin pair of leggings with a short top. What they do not notice is that their underwear shows through. Sometimes they just have a VPL but sometimes you can actually see the colour and maybe even the pattern on their knickers. This can bring attention to a bottom for all the wrong reasons! It is therefore wise to not buy thin leggings to wear with a short top. Either buy a thicker pair or wear something long over them so that knickers cannot be seen. A pale coloured pair will also show through more but even thin black pairs can be much more revealing than you might think.

Another big mistake is to buy flesh coloured leggings. These may seem like a good idea, but they can look really bad. It can make it look as though the person is not wearing anything on their legs at all. If they have a short top, it can look as though they have nothing on their bottom half at all, at least at a quick glance. This is not a good impression to give. Flesh colour is also not always that flattering and can sometimes make legs look bigger than they actually are.

Leggings do not suit every body shape. They can make the larger woman look even larger, especially if worn with a short top or in a light color. They can also make very thin legs look thinner which is not always a desirable look either. They can show up lumps and bumps that might be better covered in trousers. It is always a good idea to check what you look like at the back and consider whether this sort of outfit really suits you and your body shape. They are other trousers that could be a comfortable to wear but look better than leggings. So try fashion leggings on before you buy so that you know what they look like and always check in a full length mirror before you go out to check they work with the outfit you have chosen.

Fashion Leggings can be worn by everyone in place of tights, under a skirt, dress or tunic but wearing them with nothing covering them is when you need to think hard. Make sure that they are not too thin, the right colour and they suit your shape and size. It is not always easy to make good clothing decisions but if you can, then you will feel more confident because you will know that you look better. Just following a few simple rules can be the way to go and these rules for wearing leggings are a good place to start. There is a lot of fashion advice out there and it can be confusing, especially for those people who know little about fashion. However, it is possible to learn and like everything new, it will just take some time.

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