Jul 8, 2014

Do Women and Men Need Different Hair Care Products?

You may already notice that there are special shampoos for men and women in market. Should it be distinguished? Is it true that different gender requires different treatment for the scalp and hair?

It turns out that men and women do need a special shampoo. Selection of shampoo adapted to the structure and condition of the scalp, respectively. Gender determines the condition of each hair as well as the determination of the proper shampoo.


Why it should be distinguished? If seen at first glance, there’s no obvious different between the hair of women and men. It turns out that there’s different in the microscopic structure of male and female scalp.

Compared to women, men tend to have weaker scalp. As a result, men’s hair get  limp easier and attacked by dandruff. Prone to dandruff man’s scalp is also influenced by other things. For example, hormonal problems, many outdoor activities as well as the scalp that tends to produce more oil glands. Moreover, if he has strenuous activities. Obviously it will lead to the excess production of oil glands.

Basically oil is produced naturally on the scalp. The oil will make your hair look shiny. However, if the oil on the scalp produced in excess, as a result the hair becomes limp. Many activities then make existing oil glands mixed with sweat, dirt and dust. This is what creates the scalp itch. And if not promptly cleaned or washed, in the long run it will lead to dandruff.

What about woman's scalp? Women may also experience hair dandruff. But dandruff problem sometimes occurs in women due to mistakes in hair care. For example, you like painting your hair, then perming or straightening hair. Your interest to experiment with various hair styles isn’t balanced with maximum care. Eventually the hair becomes dry, itchy, and dandruff.

Well, the difference in hair scalp structure and different causes of dandruff lead to different required hair treatments. Prone to dandruff men’s scalp should be cleaned with hair care products that contain a lot of anti-dandruff, completed with vitamins and minerals to strengthen the hair.

While women may use hair care products that contain conditioners. However, the condition of the scalp and hair can be different for each person. If the method has no effect to reduce or eliminate dandruff, there may be other ways to do. For example, consult with a dermatologist or cosmetologist. You may obtain maximum care.

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