Jul 11, 2014

Sky Watch: Stairways to Bromo Peak

The stairs lead visitors to Bromo Peak and Crater (East Java, Indonesia). Mount Bromo is still active (2392 meters above sea level) and once in a while erupts sulfur gas.

When you’re visiting Bromo Peak, always wear your mask. It will protect you from dust and sulfur gas. Don’t force yourself when climbing the stairs. Take several breaks during your walk upstairs. Though the smell of sulfur gas has made me dizzy, nausea, and hard to breath at first, putting wet handkerchief on my nose solved the problems.

The sulfur gas may come out suddenly, so preparing wet towel or handkerchief is necessary. I have reached the top of the Bromo peak and seen the crater. I'll share the crater next week.

For those with fear of height, walking down the stairs can be a problem. Allow other people in front of you to block the view that may cause you panic. Focus on every step you make and look at your feet only. The stair surface can be covered by sand so be careful every time you make a step.     

12 komentar:

Light and Voices July 11, 2014  

Sorry, I don't think I would like to climb up there. You are a brave soul to take the photograph. Did you climb up there?
JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

Spare Parts and Pics July 11, 2014  

Looks amazing!

Anonymous July 11, 2014  

Amazing shots.

Unknown July 11, 2014  

Did not know about this. Great place to visit.

DeniseinVA July 11, 2014  

The views up there must be marvelous. Sounds like great advice also :)

NatureFootstep July 12, 2014  

ouch, I´m breathing heavily just seeing this. But I would have walked those stairs anyway. :)

Karen July 12, 2014  

That would be quite a climb!

Leovi July 12, 2014  

Yes, a wonderful place, beautiful sky!

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang July 12, 2014  

So crowded up there!

Gemma Wiseman July 12, 2014  

Those steep stairs look like quite a challenge. But the view, even from the lower level, is extraordinary. Great photos.

eileeninmd July 12, 2014  

The crater looks like a popular place to visit.. Love the views and the photos. Happy Skywatching!

Carver July 14, 2014  

Wonderful sky and landscapes.

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