Jul 12, 2014

Sun Flower

When visiting Kusuma Agrowisata the fruit garden (Batu, East Java, Indonesia) during our last trip, I saw sun flowers planted near the fence. At that time, we're walking to reach the apple garden location. I took quick shots as I was left behind.

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Carver July 12, 2014  

Beautiful sunflowers. They are such a wonderful part of summer.

Judy July 12, 2014  

For quick shots, they came out very well!!! The last one is my favourite!!

Ela July 12, 2014  

Wow ! I love sunflowers ! Great post and lovely photos !

DeniseinVA July 14, 2014  

I love sunflowers and yours are beautiful! Great photos! Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers and wishing you a great week :)

betty-NZ July 14, 2014  

Wow! I don't see these much in New Zealand although they are always so pleasant to see.

Vilt og vakkert July 14, 2014  


Wonderful... some flowers have flowers inside themselves. this I discovered just a few years ago, astonishing!
Have a nice day ;:OD)
Join us on BSW Autumn, October 26th !

pam July 14, 2014  

Those are gorgeous! We have small sunflowers (volunteers from where our bird seed dropped).

Charlene N. K. July 17, 2014  

Wow, that's amazingly huge and detailed!

fim.works July 19, 2014  

Such a big, big sunflower!!

Thanks for stopping by, Frauke

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