Jul 15, 2014

How to Handle Breast Inflammation

Breast milk is the best food for babies. Therefore, nursing mother who suffers from breast inflammation and breast mastitis must overcome the problems immediately so that she can breastfeed again.
Breast swelling is caused by the flow of breast milk that is not current. What you should do to ease the pain?

1.Mothers can massage the affected breast twice a day toward the nipple. Use baby oil to loosen up and make the area around the breast is not stiff.
2.Feed the baby as often as possible. Breast milk that is not excluded will add to the pain, especially if it continues to be produced.
3.Give also warm compress to smooth the breast milk emission.
4.Don’t use tight bras.
Severe mastitis is usually characterized by elevating fever symptoms and more breast pain and changes in color from brown to red. Infection should be treated right away because it may cause abscesses, ulcers.
Following treatment of mastitis:
1.Don’t do breast massage since feared it would make more germs are spreading.
2.Babies still may breastfeed unless there is an abscess. If the baby can’t breastfeed, breast milk should continue to be pumped in order to maintain the  breast milk production.
3.Consult the doctor to get safe antibiotics and analgesic drugs.
4.If there is an abscess; the abscess fluid will be excluded with a surgery by a doctor.
5.Eat healthy food and take lots of rest.

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